21 cu ft (595L) SunStar Solar Freezer

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The Sunstar ST-21CF 21 cu ft solar freezer is made in USA.

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Features of the Sunstar ST-21CF 21 cu ft chest solar freezer include:

4.6″ polyurethane insulated walls.
Double lid gasket.
Light interior lid.
Air cooled condenser for fast cool-down.
Coated steel interior for easy cleaning.
All in one freeze and refrigerating thermostat.
Operates at refrigerating and freezing temperatures.
Interior lights.
Castors on each side to aid portability.
2 Years Warranty

Product Model

System Voltage(V) 12/ 24
Type of Compressor DC
Capacity (L/ cu ft) 595/ 21
Input Voltage 12vDC
Rated Power (W) 105
Recommended Fuse for 12v System (A) 15
Product Dimensions W x D x H (mm/ inches)

2109*940*965/ 83*31*38

Product Weight (Kg/ Lb)

105/ 230

Energy Consumption Guide (based on a 24 hour time period)

Room Temp (Below) +38°F (+3°C) +0°F(-18°C)
70 ° (21°C) 218WHR 605 WHR
90°F (32°C) 435 WHR 894 WHR

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