Solar Refrigerator Company Services

Solar Refrigerator Company is your one-stop-shop for the purchase of:

  • Solar powered refrigerators
  • Solar powered freezers
  • Vaccine fridges
  • Vaccine freezers
  • RV refrigerators
  • Boat fridges
  • Marine refrigerators
  • Cabin refrigerators
  • Solar panels
  • 12-volt batteries
  • Charge Controllers
  • Power Inverters

We pride ourselves on providing the best and most competitive priced solution on the market. Our DC refrigerator solutions can be powered by solar, wind and other renewables energy sources to end-to-end domestic and commercial customers.

If you are a home in need of a refrigeration solution, we can assist you to find the right products to meet your needs within your budget. We also provide refrigeration solutions for commercial customers including farms, fisheries, restaurants and bars.

Our trained solar solution team will assist you with the necessary calculations required to help you determine exactly what size of a solar system comprising of solar panels, deep cycle batteries and charge controller will be needed to power your DC refrigerator or freezer.

We have a number of relations with manufacturers; and hence, we can provide very competitive wholesale pricing for small and large businesses and projects. Some of the manufacturers and brands we work with include:

  • Dometic
  • AlpiCool
  • EcoSolarCool
  • SRC
  • SunStar
  • Phocos
  • Victron Energy
  • EcoSol
  • Rich Solar
  • Dakota Lithium 
  • ZPRO Lithium
  • Canadian Solar
  • Panasonic
  • LG
  • Danfoss/ Secop.

Our Additional B2B Services

For project managers and businesses of all experience levels involved or interested in bidding for public and private sector tender bids, our experienced team are on hand to provide and assist with the necessary documentation required for a successful tender process. 

Tenders can often be a difficult and daunting prospect for any business looking to venture into the public, NGO & NFO sector. Solar Refrigerator Company can aid you with the tendering process for low and high value tenders.

Our tender services include:

  • Tender writing and translations into Spanish, French and Portuguese.
  • Tender documentation management.
  • Dedicated Project & Account Management throughout the tender process and the way to the installation and completion of the project.
  • We provide expert advice on all logistics handing and are on hand to assist with the move of your purchase to the installation site anywhere in the world.

We can assist with the the delivery of in-warranty repair and replacement parts, as well as the purchase of Out-Of-Warranty parts.

Solar Refrigerator Company is here to assist with ALL your solar DC refrigerator needs. Contact us today and let us assist you with all your requirements.