Solar Refrigerator Company highlights the key components in some of the most efficient solar refrigerators & the Sunstar Solar Freezers & Sunstar Solar Fridges.

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2.               SunStar 16 cu ft Solar Refrigerator (White)

3.               SunStar 15 cu ft Solar Freezer

4.               SunStar 21 cu ft Solar Freezer

Veterans should contact Solar Refrigerator Company to be verified as ex-military and have $200 applied directly to their purchase.

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Also currently on offer is the SRCR450DW stainless steel color 15.9 cu ft. DC refrigerator, reduced in price from $2,200 to $2,100 and is shipping for free to US customers for a limited time.

The efficiency of a solar refrigerator or solar freezer is determined by key components that make up these appliances namely:

•                High efficiency DC compressor. 

•                High efficiency DC compressor controller/ compressor electronic unit.

•                Efficient thermostat.

•                Refrigerator & freezer wall insulation thickness.

•                LED lighting.

•                Temperature sensors/ regulators.

•                Energy saving devices with ECO friendly settings.

The DC compressor is a vital component in a refrigerator that cools the interior. Refrigerators with high-efficiency compressors are designed to consume less energy while still providing effective cooling.

The compressor controller, sometimes referred to as the compressor electronic unit, compressor inverter, compressor control system or compressor management system, is a device or system that regulates and controls the operation of a compressor. The primary purpose of a compressor controller is to optimize the performance of the compressor, increase efficiency, and ensure proper operation while meeting specific requirements.

DC refrigerator/  DC freezer insulation is key to these appliances being highly efficient. Refrigerators and freezers with better insulation can reduce energy loss and minimize the workload on the compressor. Enhanced insulation helps to maintain a stable temperature inside the fridge and reduces the frequency of cooling cycles.

Energy-Saving Modes: Certain refrigerators offer energy-saving modes or eco-friendly settings. These modes may reduce power usage by adjusting cooling temperatures or minimizing the frequency of automatic defrost cycles when they are not needed.

These components help to reduce electrical power consumption.

Danfoss (now known as Secop) is a German manufacturer of the most efficient DC compressors in the world. The most common of their compressors in solar refrigerators, solar freezers, RV refrigerators and in general mobile refrigeration appliances is the Danfoss BD50F compressor (or Secop BD50F compressor) in appliances ranging in sizes from 135 liters (4.77 cu ft) to 360 liters 12.7 cu ft.

Some key features and characteristics of the Danfoss BD50F compressor / Secop BD50F compressor are:

•                Type: The BD50F is a hermetic reciprocating compressor, which means it is a sealed unit with a piston-driven mechanism.

•                Capacity: The compressor has a cooling capacity of up to 1500 watts (or 5100 BTU/hr). This makes it suitable for medium to large-sized refrigeration systems.

•                DC Power: The BD50F operates on DC power, specifically designed for 12V or 24V DC electrical systems, making it ideal for use in mobile applications such as boats, trucks, and RVs.

The compatible compressor controllers / compressor electronic units for the BD50F is either Secop 101N0340 / Danfoss 101N0340 and either Secop 101N0212 / Danfoss 101N0212. Key features of these electronic units/ compressor controllers are:

•                Start/Stop Control

•                Load/Unload Control

•                Pressure Control 

•                Capacity Control

•                Protection & Safety

•                Energy Optimization

Sunstar is a US renowned brand that manufactures their products in the USA. This brand manufactures DC solar refrigerators, solar coolers and solar freezers suitable for homes and businesses. Their range of product sizes are between 3 to 21 cu ft. Some of the features of their products include:

•                4″ insulated walls.

•                Top: refrigerate or freeze; Bottom: refrigerate.

•                Defrost : Top: manual; Bottom: automatic.

•                Refrigerators with compressors for each compartment.

•                Even temperature design, no warm spots.

•                Interior lights in both compartments.

•                Fast cooling system.

•                Reversible door.

•                Freezers that operate at refrigerating and freezing temperatures.

•                2 Years Warranty.

Solar Refrigerator Company is a full-service solar equipment supplier providing quality products from various manufacturers. Visit our website for a full list of recommended solar fridges, solar freezers, inverters, solar panels, solar batteries and charge controllers.

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