SunStar Launches New 10 cu ft DC fridge for the RV Fridge and Tiny Home Refrigerator markets & Solar Refrigerator Company continues with its commitment to providing customers with energy-efficient solutions

Solar Refrigerator Company is committed to providing customers with energy-efficient solutions.  There has been an increase in the demand for solar equipment, including products like solar panels, solar batteries, solar generators, solar fridges, and solar freezers. This has been attributed to consumers looking to save on their utility bills after the increase in energy costs and the cost of living worldwide.

Solar Refrigerator Company is a one-stop-shop for everything solar, supplying products from major brands like Dometic, SunStar, SRC,  EcoSolarCool, Phocos, Victron Energy, EcoSol Battery, Rich Solar, Canadian Solar, LG, Danfoss/ Secop. The majority of products come with a minimum of 2 years warranty.

Sunstar is a US renowned brand that manufactures their products in the USA. This brand manufactures DC solar refrigerators and solar freezers suitable for homes and businesses. Their range of product sizes are between 3 to 21 cu ft. Some of the features of their products include:

  –  4″ insulated walls.

  –  Top: refrigerate or freeze; Bottom: refrigerate.

  –  Defrost : Top: manual; Bottom: automatic.

  –  Solar Refrigerators with compressors for each compartment.

  – Even temperature design, no warm spots.

  – Interior lights in both compartments.

  –  Fast cooling system.

   – Reversible door.

   – Solar Freezers that operate at refrigerating and freezing temperatures.

   – 2 Years Warranty.

The New SunStar 10 cu ft solar fridge, is suitable as a tiny home fridge, RV fridge and an off grid refrigerator. The features of this new ST-10RF model include:

    – Top refrigerator and bottom freezer.

    – Available in white, black and stainless steel.

    – Two compressors, each running a separate compartment

    – Defrost: manual &/ or automatic.

    – Even temperature design with no warm spots.

    – Interior lights in both compartments.

    – Reversible doors.

    – R600a refrigerant.

    – Low power consumption.

    – Operates on 12 or 24 volt DC power.

    – Operate on 110 volts AC power.

    – 2 years warranty.

Other popular products by SunStar include the 21 cu ft solar freezer ST-21CF, 15 cu ft solar freezer ST-15CF, 8 cu ft solar freezer ST-8CF and 16 cu ft solar refrigerator ST-16RF.

For a full list of the products Solar Refrigerator Company offers by Sunstar, please click on the link below:

Solar Refrigerator Company is a full-service solar equipment supplier providing quality products from various manufacturers. Visit our website for a full list of recommended solar fridges, solar freezers, inverters, solar panels, solar batteries and charge controllers. SRCR450DW 15.9 cu ft solar refrigerator is currently reduced from $2,200 to $2,100, which includes free shipping to most of the US.

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