Solar Refrigerator Company offers an array of solar-powered products that have a positive effect on the environment and greenhouse gas emissions. The company offers solar panels, solar batteries, refrigerators, RV & camping refrigerators, and power generators.

Climate change has been a major concern in the past couple of decades, especially with increased carbon and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The electric power sector is estimated to contribute to at least 28% of all emissions, further impacting the climate through rising sea levels, rising global temperatures and, warming oceans. Solar Refrigerator Company is addressing these problems through its wide range of renewable energy products, which leverages solar energy to reduce carbon emissions.

Through products like Solar Panels from Solar Refrigerator Company, more people can now generate cheaper energy in the face of rising energy costs while also significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

The spokesperson for Solar Refrigerator Company, Colin Smith, highlighted that their products aim to help more people reduce their reliance on traditional energy sources, which negatively affect the environment. With the company’s solar-powered products, more people can now generate and harvest their own clean energy without the use of power, generated from burning fossil fuels, which  contribute to increased greenhouse gases and their effect on the global climate.

Speaking further on the contributions of solar power and products to the environment, further highlights were made on the flexibility of solar installations, which can now be anywhere, ranging from land to sea, rooftops, carports, cars, window panes, etc.

Discussing how more people can reduce their personal and national carbon footprint by adopting renewable energy sources and products, Solar Refrigerator Company offers products like Solar Refrigerators, RV refrigerators (portable), solar panels, solar batteries, etc. Many of these products have become subsidized, and their prices dramatically reduced to increase adoption while reducing the impact of traditional energy sources on the environment. The increased adoption of these renewable energy-powered products would ultimately reduce the dependence on fossil fuels while drastically reducing the negative impact of carbon and greenhouse gases on climate change.

Solar Refrigerator Company welcomes customers to enjoy their competitively priced solar power and DC appliance solutions that contributes positively to the environment and reduces their dependence on more costly power from traditional energy sources. The company offers an array of products, including solar panels of different capacities ranging from 100 Watts to 355 Watts. The 355 watt solar panels are Made in USA and with US customers purchasing this product, not only does the solar power generated from this product help to reduce greenhouse gases, also because it is made in the country, the product has a significantly reduced carbon footprint, which additionally impacts climate change in a positive manner.The company’s product catalog also includes a range of solar-powered refrigerators available in different sizes and suitable for various uses, from camping and vacationing to homes, RVs, tiny homes, food trucks, and other commercial uses. Customers can browse the different available sizes, from the 1.62 cu ft (46L) size camping refrigerator to the 15.9 cu ft (450L) solar refrigerator, perfect for home and commercial use.

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