Solar Refrigerator Company launches a new solar fridge to add to its catalogue of solar freezers, portable RV refrigerators and solar power equipment. This energy-efficient solar refrigerator offers ample storage in both compartments and is ideal for tiny homes, off-grid living, RVs, solar powered homes, farms and businesses.

In an era where sustainability is paramount, innovators are constantly seeking ways to reduce carbon footprints and energy consumption. One such innovation gaining traction is the solar-powered refrigerator.

One of the most significant advantages of solar fridges is their ability to operate off-grid. In remote or underserved areas where access to electricity is limited or unreliable, these refrigerators offer a lifeline. Whether in rural communities, off-grid cabins, or recreational vehicles, solar fridges provide a sustainable solution for preserving food and medications without the need for grid connectivity.

The New 17 cu ft DC refrigerator offered by Solar Refrigerator Company has an attractive stainless steel appearance and runs off 12/ 24 volts direct current (DC). To operate per day, it requires mono/poly solar panels, 40Ah deep-cycle battery and a 15/ 7.5 amp 12/ 24v solar charge controller. It can be easily installed with the instructions provided in the manual.

This newly launched addition has a large cooling refrigeration storage on the bottom and freezer compartment on the top, makes it an ideal refrigerator in off- grid homes, boats, farms and for businesses.

Guaranteeing two years of warranty on the product, the company noted that the appliance can be powered by their leading brand of solar batteries, EcoSol Lithium Ion Batteries, which are also currently available at a reduced purchase price. Consumers interested in getting the best value from solar batteries can explore the range of batteries carried by Solar Refrigerator Company, including the 12 and 24v 100AH Lithium-Ion batteries, 12 and 24v 200AH Lithium-Ion batteries, 12 and 24v 60AH Lithium Ion batteries, as well as the 12 and 24v 50AH Lithium Ion batteries. The company also offers solar lithium ion batteries by other brands like Dakota Lithium, Rich Solar and ZPRO Lithium.

Customers can explore Solar Refrigerator Company’s vast solar refrigerator and solar freezer range. Their selection of solar freezers has received several positive reviews, highlighting some of the best-reviewed items, including the 3.8 cu ft (108L) solar freezer, the 1.9 cu ft (53L) RV refrigerator and the 7.2 cu ft (205L) solar freezer. The company’s range of solar freezers also includes options like the 21 cu ft (595L) SunStar Solar Freezer and the 15 cu ft (425L) SunStar Solar Freezer.

Solar Refrigerator Company also offers solar fridges and freezers made by Dometic, Phocos, SRC and many other top brands. Customers can enjoy great discounts on product prices and shipping by leveraging the ongoing promotional offer.

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